Songs „Spirit of the Night“

Spirit Of The Time

I wrote this song in 2004.
It describes the search for the right path in life. It starts out questioning by and ends in a liberated and happy mood now the meaning of life has been found.

Baker street

At the end of the seventies, this song unleashed a musical revolution: it established the saxophone in the pop and rock industry.

One more Try

This interpretation of George Michael’s popular ballad is my homage to this great singer.

Spirit Of The Night

My latest composition takes up the passion and temperament of a southern summer night and lets the saxophone dance to the hard sounds of the guitar.

Wengen blues

A real blues composition which I recorded live together with Erich Jentschmann, a fantastic pianist, during a vacation in Wengen, Switzerland. Thank you, Piano Man!

Georgia on my mind

With this song, Ray Charles campaigned against racial  discrimination of black people and in the end, he was made an honorary citizen of the state of Georgia. I play this song as a tribute to this great musician who incorporated gospel and soul into his work.

Baker street (long version)

In this interpretation, the soloists all take their turn.

Wengen blues 07

Here, Erich Jentschmann hits the keys again and challenges the saxophone.

Spirit of The night (long version)

Dance version

Wonderful tonight

I would like to close “Spirit Of The Night” with this familiar love song by Eric Clapton.